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Off-Grid Earth

Welcome to Off-Grid Earth. Our website uncovers and shares the stories of those who live an Off-grid lifestyle.

From the specific renewable energy technology choices made, through to housing design, work life and hobbies, Off-grid lifestyles are diverse and interesting.

We hope you enjoy the stories as much as we enjoying sharing them with you.

About us

My name is Damien, and I have lived off-grid with my family for the last 8 years. In that time I have also helped many dozens of people make important technology decisions about going off-grid.  From very small remote shacks to very large farm estates using significant amounts of power I have enjoyed contributing to the renewable renaissance of the people who chose to do away with the poles and wires.

This website will have a strong education focus around various off grid energy system designs.  We hope to enhance the knowledge of those intending to go off-grid and encourage a stronger understanding of good design, technology choices and the manufacturers and retailers best suited to meet your off-grid requirements.

Our Website is currently under construction.